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Looking For The Quote Me Happy Contact Number

Quote Me Happy is an online-only car and home insurance service from Aviva. Although Quote Me Happy cannot be contacted by phone if you are not an existing customer, you can still find assistance via its dedicated email customer support service.

Common queries from Quote Me Happy customers include the following.

1. How Do I Make A Claim With Quote Me Happy?

  • If you are an existing Quote Me Happy customer, you can find the Quote Me Happy contact number by logging into your online account.
  • Claims can also be made via the Quote Me Happy MyClaims iPhone app.
  • By speaking with a Quote Me Happy adviser, you will be informed of all aspects to do with your claim, including what exactly you are covered for; how much excess you have to pay (if any) and whether the claim will affect your no claims discount.

2. How do I make changes to my account?

  • If you experience any change in your circumstances such as your car details, you must inform Quote Me Happy immediately.
  • Most changes to your policy can be made by logging into the ‘My Account’ section of the Quote Me Happy website. These include your payment method, road tax details, address, car, or to add or update additional drivers.
  • Things that cannot be changed online include the policyholder’s or additional drivers’ dates of birth; increasing your no claims discount or removing convictions and claims. If you wish to change any of these you must email Quote Me Happy.

3. How do I renew or cancel my policy?

  • Like many other aspects of your Quote Me Happy cover, you policy can be renewed or cancelled via your online account, or by sending Quote Me Happy an email.
  • You can renew your policy from 28 days before your renewal date; Quote Me Happy will send you a renewal invite via email to remind you.
  • There may be changes made to the wording of your policy after renewal, which will only take effect from your renewal date. You will be informed of these through the Documents section of your online account.

Quote me Happy Products and Services

Car Insurance

Quote Me Happy only covers careful drivers aged 21-75, and they only use call centres when they need to deal with claims- this helps to keep the costs and premiums low. Quote me Happy are unable to insure any vehicles which have been modified. The company’s comprehensive policies cover accidental damage, loss and theft, new car replacement and a courtesy car for when you are off road. You can also get extra cover to protect you against things like breakdowns, legal expenses, hire cars and increased personal accident cover.

Home Insurance

Quote me Happy offers three levels of home insurance: good, better and best, so you can choose the best policy for your budget and needs. If your home would cost more than £500,000 to rebuild or the contents is worth more than £100,000, unfortunately they will not be able to insure you.

There are also several optional add-ons that you can add to your policy, such as cover for bikes, extra garden cover and cover for specific belongings.

How to claim

In the unfortunate instance that you need to claim on your Quote Me Happy insurance policy, you will need the following things to hand:

  • The number on your policy documents.
  • The registration number of your vehicle and any other vehicles involved.
  • The names/addresses of anyone involved in an incident.
  • Police reference numbers if they were on the scene of the accident.
  • Specifics about what has happened and the damage to your car.

What will happen next:

  • A Quote Me Happy representative will tell you exactly what damage you’re covered for, what they will do next and when.
  • They will then start sorting things out for you- this could be getting you home because your vehicle has been written off or making sure that your car is repaired quickly.
  • Quote Me Happy mechanics will keep you updated during the repair process and repairs are guaranteed for three years.
  • If it is just your glass which needs to be replaced, your excess will cover it and your no claims discount will be protected.

For home insurance, you’ll need to have the following details to hand:

  • Your policy number.
  • Specific information about what happened and the damage/loss to your property.
  • Reference numbers from the police (you must tell them about any theft/loss/malicious damage to your property).

What will happen next:

  • If you are covered, Quote Me Happy will organise any repairs or replacement.
  • If they are unable to confirm if you are covered straightaway, they will still help you organise repairs, but you’ll have to pay if it transpires you are not covered.

About Quote Me Happy

Quote Me Happy was established as a service of Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance provider. It is an online-only 24/7 insurance provider offering customers a medium through which to get a competitive quote on their car and home insurance, compare policies, and keep track of existing policies.

Quote Me Happy has been designed for drivers who prefer to shop around for their insurance quotes online. It’s aimed at lower risk drivers who are aged between 21 and 75, have had no more than one claim where they were at fault in the last four years and own a car which is less than 13 years old and worth less than £40,000.

The name Quote Me Happy comes from a successful marketing campaign for Aviva, where it was used as a slogan. A spokesperson for Aviva said that even though the advertising campaign which used the slogan finished five years ago, there were still 45,000 search engine enquiries for the term per year.

At the time of launch, an Aviva press statement said the new service would build on the company’s success, but would be deliberately distinct from the Aviva brand.

For more information about Quote Me Happy services, call the Quote Me Happy contact number.