Sky Phone Number

0843 557 4981

Why Might You Need To Call The Sky Phone Number?

1. I need help with setting up and using my Sky TV subscription.

  • By visiting the Help & Support section on the Sky website, you can find tutorials and articles explaining how to set up your Sky box , connect your box to your broadband router and how to find and record your favourite TV programmes.
  • When you first get your Sky TV box, you will need to create a Sky TV PIN in order to access content and make changes to your Sky TV box. If you need help or need to reset your PIN, call the Sky phone number.
  • Sky TV can also be set up on a range of other devices using Sky Go, such as mobiles, tablets and laptops.

2. I have a query regarding my billing or subscription.

  • ¬†You can choose to receive paper bills and statements from Sky, or view them by signing into your My Sky online account.
  • You may wish to change the way you pay your bill each month (by direct debit or by manually), change the bill-payer’s details or make an alteration to your subscription.
  • You are free at any time to remove or add extra packages from your subscription, but note there will be a charge for ending your Sky contract early.
  • If you experience difficulty in paying your Sky bill or need to report a lost or stolen card, you should contact Sky immediately.

3. I am confused about whether I have a Sky iD.

  • Your Sky iD is your username and password that you will use to access all of Sky’s online services, including My Sly, Sky Go and the Sky Store.
  • The first user to create an iD and link it to your household’s account will have the Primary Sky iD. Every Sky account must have one.
  • You can easily create a Sky iD online and it only takes a second. For help, call the Sky phone number where somebody will be happy to assist you.