Welsh Water Contact Number

0843 557 5246

If Welsh Water is your water provider and you are experiencing some kind of problem with your water supply, such as discoloured water or no water at all, you will want to speak to customer services. Number Contact can transfer you to the team at Welsh Water contact.

Why would I need to call Welsh Water contact?

  • To get assistance if your water supply has stopped.
  • To pay your bill over the telephone.
  • To report a leakage or enquire about ongoing water works in your area.

Welsh Water services

Welsh Water is also known as Dwr Cymru, and is the main water supplier for most of Wales. If you wish to find out about your water supply or report a problem, call Number Contact to be put through to the team at Welsh Water contact. Welsh Water aims to provide residents of Wales with clean and safe drinking water as well as effectively managing wastewater throughout Wales. If you wish to find out about the quality of your drinking water or get information on how wastewater is treated, visit the website. From there, you can also report a leak, pay your bill and tell Welsh Water that you are moving house as well as get more information on how having a water meter can save you money.

About Welsh Water

Welsh Water originated in 1989 following the privatisation of water supply and waste water treatment. It had origins in the Welsh National Water Development Authority which was created itself by the 1973 restructuring of the water industry in England and Wales. It took over several public sector undertakings such as South West Wales River Authority, Usk River Authority and much more. Today, Welsh Water is owned by Glas Cymru. To find out more about Welsh Water, visit the website.